What Are Ejaculation Disorders?

Ejaculation Disorders?

Different Types of disorders are found in males:-

   Premature ejaculation: This is when Ejaculation occur very       rapid after penetration.

  Inhibited or retarded ejaculation: This is when ejaculation is    slow to occur. 

  Retrograde ejaculation: This ejaculation occurs when orgasm    goes back to bladder instead of leaking out of penis out of        urethra. 

  In some cases, premature and inhibited ejaculation are caused by psychological factors, including a strict religious background that causes the person to view sex as sinful, a lack of attraction for a partner, and past traumatic events. Premature ejaculation, the most common form of sexual dysfunction in men, often is due to nervousness over how well he will perform during sex. Certain drugs, including some antidepressants, may affect ejaculation, as can nerve damage to the spinal cord or back.

Retrograde ejaculation is common in males with diabetes who suffer from diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage). This is due to problems with the nerves in the bladder and the bladder neck that allow the ejaculate to flow backward. In other men, retrograde ejaculation occurs after operations on the bladder neck or prostate, or after certain abdominal operations. In addition, certain medications, particularly those used to treat mood disorders, may cause problems with ejaculation.


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